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I have had that a lot lately. The news from all over the world ... Boko Haram, ISIS, Zimbabwe and so many other places and sadly now South Africa ... all under threat and terror.

The dictator tyrant Mugabe and the genocide of white farmers has long broken it's borders into South Africa. It's so hard to find supporting evidence for certain claims but so easy to believe them when you see what is going on in the news. Mugabe visits SA and says, on camera, "I don't want to see a white man (face)" ... the tyrant is doing deals with Zuma! What sort of precedent does this set? Is SA leading down the same path as Zimbabwe? Because it sure as hell looks like it.

In post apartheid South Africa, the world sees the pretty side of it, the reconciliation and the rainbow nation ... the injustices of the past gone and done with. Well you would think this was right, but it's not!

Zuma has stated Whites are welcome in SA and this is their land too ... but he's urging blacks and tribal leaders to hand in land-claims with urgency. What is the reason behind the rush? Is it for the land expropriation bill that will be expedited this year? And why isn't he speaking out against Malema’s latest threats of land invasion? Ok, sure, he's sort of making an announcement that whites are welcome while hiding behind Mugabe's big visit, no white faces, jet's, "security upgrades" and statues with the heritage board on everyone's backs (I fully support JHB head office heritage on their decision!) ... got to give the man credit (well no, he needs to be booted!)

I'm sorry, but HOW are white people welcome when their land is forcibly taken from them? HOW are white people welcome if you have laws like BBBEE (black empowerment which rewards and punishes companies for their "blackness")? As a white woman in SA, how welcome am I? I mean nothing (really, on the BBBEE rating scale I only hinder a company from achieving maximum gain). Only business enterprises (those classified as 'Exempted Micro Enterprises') with an annual turnover of R5 Million and less will be exempted. But hell if you are looking for a job because damned be your skin colour!

What about Zumu condemning the “kill the farmer-kill the Boer” propaganda? No? He's too busy buying billion rand jets and training attack chickens next to his fire pool at Nkandla? Oh right, and all those black political youth league conscripts are being trained military-style by the Defense Force ... what's that all about???

Smearing human feces on a statue? That is just disgusting. It doesn't just stop there either ... they pulled the rider off the horse statue ... the statue had nothing to do with colonialism or even whites! It commemorated all the lives of the horses in the war! HORSES!!!! And just yesterday I heard that they vandalised the Mahatma Gandhi statue. For what??? It's pure ignorance! What logic is there in vandalizing that statue? The amount of stupid in that action is astounding! Everywhere around the damned world there is good and bad history! Do you see other nations acting like complete apes and barbarians? No! They just go about their business and recognise their history!

On an update ... what a sad situation SA has turned to. Xenophobia is wracking the country. Men and women dragged into the street and necklaced just for not being South African. Being burned alive or murdered in some equally barbaric way ... and what do the police do? Nothing ... just nothing. We have criminals in police gear who even loot foreign nationals stores (yes they are registered police). Although ... a good point a friend of mine made
But let's consider for a moment that half the reason there are so many foreign nationals here is because we continue to support the corrupt regimes of despotic leaders on our borders. And beyond Who have destroyed their economies leaving South Africa as the only option for supporting their families. So if you want to hold some one accountable look to the people you elected and not the people caught in the Frey.
It's a desperate situation here at home ... so much ignorance and violence. Makes me very worried about my family and my own future here.

Can't I just stick my head down and pretend there's nothing happening around me?


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